Single-shell roof systems

Einschalige Biogasmembrane
Einschalige Biogasmembrane mit Schaufenster

The single-shell biogas container roof systems can be delivered in "gas-tight" or "odour-tight" versions. The material used for the single-shell roof system is a PVC-coated polyester fabric, which has been especially developed and produced for use with biogas tanks. The material is very flame-retardant according to DIN 4102 B1 and UV-resistant. Materials with a weight of 800 g/m² to 1,500 g/m² are used. The gas permeability of the membrane is between <200 cm³/(m² d bar) and <500 cm³/(m² d bar). It is available in the standard colours of silver grey (similar to RAL 7001) and moose green (similar to RAL 6005). However, the membranes can also be delivered in special colours on request. The material is high-frequency welded.

The scope of delivery includes the following components:

  • Membrane
  • Centre support
  • High point or adjustable high point
  • Attachment system (clamping rails) or a tensioning pipe for the hemmed sleeves
  • Optional: service openings
  • Verifiable statics
  • Documentation
  • Installation