Technical components

The technical components include:

1. Overpressure/underpressure safety unit, up to 20 mbar, heatable

The overpressure/underpressure safety unit is a safety device that protects the roof system from damage if the pressure in the gas space is excessively high or low. The overpressure/underpressure safety unit is mounted on the outside of the container wall. The pressure safety unit uses immersion cups with a liquid receiver. The fill level of the liquid receivers is indicated by means of a check tube or inspection window.

2. Gas level measurement (hydrostatic and mechanical)

Hydrostatic fill level indication with signal:

Hydrostatic fill level measurement is used to determine the height of the gas storage membrane at a specific point. The measuring principle of determining the height is based on hydraulic transmission. Explosion-protected with signal output (analogue 4 to 20 mA) and including VA cover.

Mechanical fill level indication without signal:

The mechanical fill level measurement device without a signal is a string pot encoder. The gas bubble fill level is indicated by an orange-painted steel weight in the transparent tube. The distance travelled by the steel weight from the "gas bubble full" position to the "gas bubble empty" position corresponds to a change in the position of the indicator weight of between 1 and 3 m, depending on the container diameter and the membrane shape. The measuring tape, which is worked along the inner membrane at the time of make-up and manufacture, is fixed to one side of the container using the components included in the kit, passed through a loop over the high point of the inner membrane and attached to the above-mentioned steel weight to indicate the fill level. Scope of delivery: fixing device for measuring tape, pulley unit, indicator weight with transparent tube, fixing accessories.

Mechanical fill level indication with signal:

The movement of the above-described mechanical gas level indicator is converted into an electronic 4 to 20 mA signal. From the perspective of plant control, ideally it should be possible to carry out a calibration of signal inputs deviating from the total signal range of 16 mA in order to ensure proper processing of gas bubble fill levels from 0 to 100%. The requisite measurement equipment is entirely enclosed in a stainless-steel housing, protected against rain. Including fixing accessories.